Together with our partners, we provide the most accurate and valuable logistics solutions

One-stop logistics service for the sychromodality and transpossibility of multimodal transportation

  • CR Express

    CR Express

    We can provide multimodal transportation linked by the CR Express from all parts of CN to Central Asia, EU, RU and back.

  • Ocean Freight

    Ocean Freight

    We can provides worldwide shipping services, providing customized solutions based on the advantages of the carrier, route and schedule.

  • TIR Transportation

    TIR Transportation

    We can provide the most convenient, flexible and safe road transportation.

Mode of Transportation

InterMax offers comprehensive freight services to fulfill your company's need. 

We always look for the best transportation solution, timetable, and route for your shipment.






TEU Volume




Logisitcs Solution

Worldwide Partners

  • Plan B For Export Shipments

    Plan B For Export Shipments

    Faced with the dilemma of lack of containers and space at railway and sea exports, plan B is already ready to go.

  • Anti-shock and anti-tilt transportation

    Anti-shock and anti-tilt transportation

    Last week, we assisted BWS to complete the delivery service of two tickets of goods. The cargo is the control panel equipped on the FPSO

  • TIR transportation by TIR model from EU

    TIR transportation by TIR model from EU

    Intermax continues to develop a new international logistics transportation mode: TIR international road transportation.

  • Large transformer temporary import and e

    Large transformer temporary import and e

    The transformer was exported from China to Belgium in 2017. There were serious quality problems in operation and it could not be repaired on site. It needs to be returned to the domestic factory for inspection and maintenance. The maintenance time is expected to be 2 months, and then it will be transported back to Belgium.

  • Ship Agency for

    Ship Agency for

    At 17:30 on February 26, 2020, a Russian cargo ship "MV crystal Vladivostok crystal Vladivostok" slowly docked at the wharf of Shanghai Jungong road

  • Transportation project of large-scale eq

    Transportation project of large-scale eq

    Transportation of large-scale inland projects – delivered from the wharf warehouse to the ship's side. Entrusted by * * * company of Canada, Taiwan company has recently completed the inland transportation business of two separators with a unit weight of 350 tons.


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