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Refrigerated or frozen drugs refer to the drugs that have temperature requirement during storage and transportation. This is because temperature has a great impact on the quality of drugs. Too high or too low temperature can make the drug deterioration and cause losses. In particular, for the biological products, blood products, insulin products, vaccines and most targeted agents and monoclonal antibodies, these ones can only be stored within the appropriate prescribed temperature range, in order to minimize the impact of temperature on drug quality as small as possible.

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We can provide import and export transportation, customs clearance services, the transportation temperature range is 2-8℃, 15-25℃, 18-30℃, 0-30 ℃, - 20 to - 80℃ (dry ice), - 196℃(liquid nitrogen), room temperature and other temperature ranges. Through air, sea and China-Europe railway transportation such multiple modes, we can meet the needs of different customers and different types of Pharmaceuticals. We also can provide third party logistics warehousing, ODC-RDC intercity logistics transportation, city distribution, etc.

In recent years, the freight volume and operation of China Railway Express show a rapid growth trend. The goods exported from Europe to China have developed from the original single ordinary goods to the cold-chain transportation, which has become a normal operation. As the only Chinese logistics company of cold chain transportation by China Railway Express, we have been promoting pharmaceutical cold-chain logistics services since 2017 cooperate with our European partners H.ESSER/NSWL, providing seamless logistics services for the world's top 500 pharmaceutical enterprises, and realizing process services of temperature control for whole cold-chain and professional customs clearance and inspection service for pharmaceutical.

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