Maritime logistics

We focus on the supply and service of ship accessories for 20 years, and we can deliver where the ship can reach!

Our services:

-Customs supervised warehouse and bonded warehouse services for import and export ship spare parts

-Supply of marine materials for international navigation ships

-Supply of marine materials for domestic navigation ships

-Supply of marine materials for new shipbuilding and maintenance ships

-Replacement of marine spare parts and disembarkation maintenance services

-Marine accessories air and sea transportation services

-Hand by delivery of urgent spare parts

-International Shipping Agency

Our strengths:

Complete qualifications: international first-class freight forwarder, international shipping agency qualification, port operation license qualification, international shipping material supply customs declaration qualification, vehicle pass in restricted areas, personnel boarding certificate / work permit

Perfect supporting facilities: customs supervision of ship spare parts / bonded warehouse, white truck / van / heavy truck / light truck / commercial vehicle

Professional service team: the team members have many years of operation experience, are familiar with the requirements of customs, border inspection, wharf, shipyard and other departments, abide by rules and disciplines, be professional and pragmatic

Perfect company network and agency network: branches and agencies all over China and major ports in the world can provide ship material supply for major ports, docks / shipyards all over the world

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