Railway transportation

Compliance with "The Belt and Road" strategy

InterMax provides multimodal transportation linked by CR Express service, covering Eurasia continent.

We can provide multimodal transport service (rail, road, sea, air) from all parts of China to Central Asia, Europe, Russia and back according to customers' destination and time requirements, under the coverage of our multimodal waybill. Our control tower is able to keep tracking of your shipments.

Our best services includes but not limits to the following services:

- From Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Vietnam, etc.) and North Asia (Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, Taiwan, etc.) through China Europe train for multimodal transport and international transfer to other continents.

- Provide suitcases, open top boxes, 40 '/ 45' general cabinets / freezers to meet the characteristics of various related goods and packaging solutions for special goods.

- Dangerous goods packaging and multimodal transport solutions.

- Provide reliable unpacking and freight services (buyer's own, LCL LCL LCL).

- Rich experience in customs clearance, commodity inspection, perishable goods, drugs, fumigation containers and all risks insurance of goods.

Control Tower monitors shipments from all aspects of GPS position, temperature, humidity, vibration, door status, and make sure your shipments are in the best condition.

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