Road Freight

TIR:Transport International Router

IRU:International Road Transport Union

TIR is the only global cross-border cargo clearance system. It uses the closed cargo room controlled by the Customs through a mutually recognized multinational system to transport goods from the country of origin to the country of destination through the transit country. It is the simplest, safest and most reliable way to transport goods across multiple borders, it can save time and cost for transportation company and Customs agency.

Our unique advantages:

- We have self-owned tarpaulin cars, container cars, special vehicles and other transport vehicles, can provide FCL/LCL transportation, to meet the transport requirements of different types of goods.

- We can provide FCL transportation service via door-to-door delivery without dismantling container to avoid damage and shortage caused by secondary loading and unloading. The container with oil and electricity can carry goods with different temperature requirements (including food, medicine, electronic products, precision instruments, etc.) and some dangerous goods such as lithium batteries.

- The control tower tracks the position, temperature, humidity, vibration, opening / closing and other information in real time 24 hours / 7 days a week to ensure that the goods are in the best transportation condition.

- TAPA licensed vehicles provide full transport protection for high value cargo.

- International road transportation: CNEU,Mid Asia,SE Asia;Multimodal transportation through China territory : EUSE Asia, North Asia;Cross border transportation through China territory: SE Asia Mongolia, Russia,etc.

Domestic road transportation

InterMax set up nationwide logistics service network through 20 years of unremitting efforts, and has established a standardized operation service system in major provinces and cities, providing customers with transport, storage, distribution in one supply chain services.

Our services include:

- Container transportation

- Tank container transportation

- FTL, LTL transportation and dispatch for bulk cargo

- Project transportation for over-size, over-length and heavy weight cargo

- Whole cold chain transportation for food, pharmaceuticals and etc.

- FTL, LTL transportation for chemicals and dangerous cargo

All of our vehicles and warehouse are fully insured!

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