Millennium was the year for the upgrading of world's computer digitization, and was also the year for China's shipbuilding industry began to flourish. China's shipbuilding output has reached 2.2451 million gross tonnage, accounting for 6% of the world's shipbuilding output, up from 0.8% in 1982. By 2010, China had become the world's leading shipbuilding industry, with 65.6 million tons deadweight completed. In 2001, INTERMAX shareholders from navigator family, with an expectation of the future development in the shipbuilding industry, decided to start maritime logistics from HongKong, providing meticulous maritime logistics services for shipyards, ship owners, Ship’s spares manufacturers and maritime logistics partners. INTERMAX's expertise wins reputation from customers and partners, and our experience and ability to solve logistics problems makes the shipbuilding world free of difficult logistics.

With our professionalization in the shipbuilding industry and our expertise in over-sized cargo, INTERMAX has begun to provide a wider range of business services to the logistics field of large engineering projects. We provide specialized logistics planning, transportation and process control for Marine industry, energy and electricity industry and rail transit industry. In the wake of thriving business in the Global engineering project market, INTERMAX has completed the Rotterdam Bridge project, the Rotterdam port crane project, the Norwegian Marine engineering ship PSV project, the Australian mining project, the Zhuhai tram project, the UAE Chemical Project, the Emirates Air tunnel project, the United States power Station project, the Egypt power Station project and so on. INTERMAX has accomplished a number of impossible tasks with our passion for logistics and years of knowledge, experience and ability in the logistics of over-sized cargo projects. Because the wonderful continues..............

Following China's One Belt And One Road strategy, INTERMAX began to extend reach to countries along the China Railway Express, especially after the completion of the construction of the new Silk Road, the land bridge for goods connecting China and Europe has become the company's development strategic target. With the development of business, INTERMAX has integrated various modes of transportation to make railway transportation one of the normalized logistics solutions and realize synchromodality of multimodal logistics solutions in various business cooperation fields.

In the future, we will combine digital transformation to implement the cross-platform and multi-system center console service to create greater commercial value and convenience for customers and partners, so that logistics can be flexibly controlled in a flash to carry out the real intelligent digital logistics and make the world free from difficult logistics.

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