In terms of scale, area and level, the Dutch greenhouses are in the forefront of the world. More and more companies have begun to develop projects for manufacturing greenhouses. The production of greenhouses and supporting facilities has formed a highly socialized, professional, and international market system. The Dutch greenhouse engineering companies expand cooperative business to Europe and all over the world, especially with the developing countries.

InterMax has established long-term cooperation with a number of international green greenhouse project suppliers . The services covered by the project include:

- Automation equipment

- Substrate structure

- Biological crop protection

- Agronomy and Horticulture

- Climate management

- Illumination

- Greenhouse construction

- Logistics

Based on the tenet of integrity, professionalism, enthusiasm, and win-win, InterMax hopes our multimodal logistics solutions can bring in more excellent greenhouse projects and technologies to our motherland, and help to build up a better development environment to China's agriculture.

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