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Intermax registered as NOVCC Bond with China Ministry of Communications and NVOCC qualification with the Federak Martine commission and holds FMC Bond. In Europe and

other EMEA countries, there are maritime networks and registries of maritime units involved in deep cooperation with us. Our in-depth cooperation with many shipping company , continuously sign annual contract with them and can provide us space cover main ports around the world shipping services.

Our shipping services cover:

- Consolidation(Buyers Consolidation, LCL Groupage)

- FCL (Dry container, Reefer, Flat Rack, Open Top, Tailor-made SOC 10’/20’/40’/45’)

- FBA/E-Commerce

- Break bulk, Ultra-size cargo, Heavy Weight Cargo,RO/RO transportation

- Specialized on tailor made service for GOH, Exhibition, Arts, Personal effects, chemical tank, Cold Chain

-in Europe and other EMEA countries

Our in-depth cooperation with every shipping company, the elder sign annual contract with shipping company and positions that can provide cover major ports around the world shipping services, especially in European Russia North America, South America in the asia-pacific region in the Middle East Africa, etc According to the advantages of different routes and shipping date of shipping companies, to provide professional customized transportation solutions In addition, our professional team can provide you with the service of transshipment to the inland and handle the corresponding customs formalities.

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