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If you need tripartite trade, "MAG selection Co.,Ltd", a subsidiary of intermax, supports import and export business.

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Introduction of MAG

MAG selection Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as MAG) is a comprehensive industry and trade integrated enterprise established with the approval of Shanghai Municipal Commission of foreign economic relations and trade. It owns a professional team with rich experience to serve customers in various fields and act as a professional agent for the import and export business of various commodities and technologies. It is mainly engaged in chilled / live aquatic products, fruits, meat, coffee, wine, dairy products With the purpose of "serving import and export and linking the world", MAG provides a full range of trade services, such as one-stop import and export trade agency, global procurement, domestic and foreign logistics, customs clearance, domestic and foreign sales support, actively promotes the development of service trade, and exports the company's green, science and technology, Efficient global supply chain, focusing on the common growth of customers.

Based on the concept of "professional and feature services to create a sustainable business platform", relying on knowledge, experience, ability and good corporate reputation, MAG has established extensive cooperative relations with the international business community, agricultural industry, scientific and technological R&D community, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, and closely connected the development of China and the international market through trade ties. With the diversification of the global trade pattern, the accelerated transformation of trade types and the continuous improvement of the status of the global industrial chain, service trade is increasingly becoming a new engine for the development of foreign trade and the deepening of opening to the outside world.

At the same time, MAG has a professional elite team. With high-quality and efficient services, through the development strategy of diversified service trade, MAG delivers high-quality products to thousands of households, and uses diversified logistics transportation modes to provide customized solutions, reduce intermediate links and increase logistics controllability and value-added services, Provide customers with truly borderless and all-round logistics services. The company cooperates with our global team partners to provide you with global end-to-end multimodal transport services, and strive to create professional, convenient, efficient and green first-class services.

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