Project Logistics

We are skillful and profession-able enough to devote to all kinds of cargoes, from bolts and nuts to hundreds tons of 'Monsters' !

Intermax project logistics covers:

- Petrochemical industry

- Electric energy

- Marine engineering

- Mining metallurgy

- Rail traffic construction

- Infrastructure construction etc

We can undertake EPC project general contracting and subcontracting services, the transport of large/special tiems,large constructiob machinery and equipment, Bridges, lifting / installation / relocation of factories and mines and other business.

InterMax can provide full supply chain services for project logistics, including:

- Project logistics solution design

- Execution for door to door transport

- Trade agency, warehousing, customs declaration, insurance agency, etc

- Provide vehicle and ship stowage plan, binding and reinforcement plan, third-party inspection agency and other specialized services.


Energy Project

Offshore Project

Automotive and Tram

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